25 February 2015

People and Resources... again.

Despite the protestations of many people, the term resource continues to be widely used as a synonym for person. I've written about it before, but I'd like to explain again why I feel so strongly about the issue.

This is lumber, specifically spruce. Suppose I took one of the 2x4s from the pile, put it back and took another. I could be reasonably certain that both 2x4s had close to the same physical properties with respect to strength, dryness and size. There may be slight variations if the 2x4s came from different spruce trees, but the properties would be close enough to consider those pieces of wood interchangeable.

24 February 2015

You Won't Believe this Absurdly Wrong Design Decision!

I'm often asked if the principle of emergent design used by many agile teams really makes sense. Usually the question comes from someone who is heavily involved in the design process, such as an architect or senior developer. That person may have spent years designing software, and is somewhat uncomfortable with the idea that the hard work done up front can be adequately replaced by allowing design to emerge through an iterative process.

So, I wanted to talk a bit about how I approach that question and emergent design in general.