Great New Scrum Extensions!

This past week, Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber annouced via that Scrum is now open for modification and extension.  This is good, and an issue that has been simmering in the Scrum community for some time now.

Fortunately, there have been some forward-thinking folks who got a jump on the rest of us, and had their extensions ready to go at the time of the announcement:

This extension, known by the rather provocative name Extreme Programming, was created by Kent Beck and is apparently targeted towards smaller teams and organizations.  It adds to Scrum by providing several engineering practices that many have indicated were missing.

If you are targeting a larger group or organization, then this extension known as Industrial XP may be a better fit:

This process was created by Joshua Kerievsky and adds business facing practices to Extreme Programming (and hence to Scrum) such as Project Chartering and Test-Driven Management.

My congratulations to these gentlemen for possessing the foresight to have extensions to Scrum ready the minute the announcement was made.



test said…
Thanks for pointing these extensions out. I believe they could help improve Scrum ;)
Jason Little said…
I have an extension, the Daily Status meeting. This is an extension for rigid organizations to have the ability for teams to report that yesterday they all went to the same meeting and today they'll do whatever stuff the manager thinks should get done!
Martin Wickman said…
Yes indeed. To make (generic) Scrum a software development method, specific software development practices must be added.
Miah Charley said…
very well written