On Pair Programming

Pair Programming has to be the single most controversial practice in Extreme Programming. I suppose that it flies in the face of the mythical "hacker", working heroically through a caffeine-fuelled night to deliver world-saving software in the nick of time.

I'm a strong advocate of pairing, which probably stems from the fact that I was actually pairing when I found out about the practice! Now, I could delve into the social aspects and quote Laurie Williams' research or even show that the US Air Force was using Pair Programming 35 years ago, but I won't.

Instead, I will point to the most compelling argument in favour of Pair Programming that I have seen in almost 10 years in the Agile world. This argument is provided by Corey Haines:


Corey Haines said…
I love it! Thanks. Some people ask why I went on the pair-programming tour. I've given a lot of answers, but this really was first and foremost in my mind. :)
hdragomir said…
Haha, nice build-up!

And, seriously, how can you cal yourself a developer if you don't like pandas?