Transitions III - Way Cool!

I've had my new MacBook Pro for over a week now, and despite a few quirks learning how to translate 16 years of PC keyboard habits, it's going very well! I've installed FireFox, Eclipse, Skype, etc., with hardly a hitch. I connected to my wireless network at home effortlessly, and transferred a whole whack of stuff over from my other laptop and desktop machines.

After using just the mousepad for a few days, I decided that I'd get the add-on BlueTooth mouse. However, I didn't find the time to go out and get one, so I tried my little Microsoft wireless USB mouse. Lo & behold, it worked perfectly including right-clicking! Funny how Apple doesn't advertise that. :) It does feel a bit strange using MS-branded equipment on a Mac, though.

I haven't yet tackled the task of installing BootCamp or Parallels to allow the use of Windows XP. There is some software I need that only has a Windows version at the moment, so I will have to sully my otherwise pure Mac with that other operating system.

More to come...